JK7 - Spa Sensator™

Dr.Jurgen Klein was born in Germany during the Baby Boomer era. Early in life he felt the calling to question the conventional, to research, to examine and to develop products that can make our planet a better place to stay and enjoy.

His educational achievements, a PhD in Chemistry and Dr. of Naturopathy, combined with lifelong studies, practice and lecturing about environment, health & wellbeing, Eastern and Western philosophy, herbalism, medicine, alternative medicine and therapies gave him the perfect soil to plant his strong entrepreneurial seed.

In 1972 Dr. Klein founded LIVOS a natural product company producing and selling poison-free paints and colors, and also formulated his first aromatherapy creams. He sold the company and spent 4 years as a developer, researcher and scientific leader for Wala/Dr. Hauschka in Germany.

In 1984 he moved to Australia to found JURLIQUE as the “Purest Skin Care on Earth”. He drove the company to global success and in 2003 sold his interest in the company.

Since then he has started a new life in Hawaii and Switzerland and spent the past 5 years in quiet, doing charity work in Asia, and extensively traveling to China, India, Nepal and Tibet.